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Manager of NMR Facility

The NMR Facility serves the students, faculty, and staff across the departments of U of C and affiliates, allowing users to obtain their own spectra. There are approximately 200 active user accounts in existence and about ~40,000 samples are run annually. In order to become a user of the NMR facility, one needs to be trained and tested prior to establishing an account. The facility userís research adviser obtains the bill containing the fee for the time used.
Sign-Up Policy
1. Always follow the time allocation schedule posted for each instrument.
2. Do not reserve multiple instruments during the same time period.
3. Any time reserved may be charged unless the reservation is canceled 30 minutes
    in advance.
4. You may sign-up for NMR time not more than 24 hours in advance.
5. Each person is allowed a grace period prior to starting an experiment. The grace
    period time is proportional to the machine reservation time.
    Time Reserved Grace Period
    Less than 1 hour 10 minutes
    1 hour- 3 hours 30 minutes
    More than 3 hours 60 minutes
6. Another person may claim the remaining experiment time for his/her own use if      the instrument is not in use by the end of the grace period.
7. Finish your experiment on time. If you anticipate finishing early, notify the
    following user.
8. Return the instrument to its original state, i.e. return the probe to room
    temperature after a VT experiment. After removing your sample, turn off the
    LIFT and SPIN and put the cap on the upper stack. Complete these tasks before
    the end of your time period.

Always sign the register book. Please note all problems in the register. In case of serious problems such as a broken sample in the probe, notify the NMR laboratory Manager

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