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Instructions and Manuals

Manager of NMR Facility

Training is structured in three levels
Level1: Automated data acquitision, plus NMR safety, sample prep, and other basics.
Level2: Manual operation of NMR spectrometers
Level3: Ad hoc training in specific techniques (e.g., variable temperature work)

This scheme affords rapid access to independent data acquisition for researchers with limited time, such as undergrads and high school students working on summer projects.

Researchers with significant prior NMR experience, such as postdocs and visiting scientists, are welcome to contact the facility manager and schedule an individualized orientation and certification session.

Level1 training is held every Tuesday at 9:00 AM, and no appointment is necessary. Between 8:50 and 9:00 AM, we gather in the ground floor Searle building entrance, then proceed into the secure lab area on the third floor.
Training takes approximately 90 minutes.
When the seesion is finished, trainees receive paper quizzes and application forms that they may complete at their leisure.
When quizzes are returned with satisfactory responses, accounts are created for each trainee on 400-1, the Searle offline processing computer, and the Searle data transfer computer. Further, swipecard access to Searle third floor and the NMR lab are granted.

Level2 training is held every Thursday at 9:00, and no appintment is necessary. The location alternates between Searle 340B and GCIS E340; contact the facility manager to learn at which location it will be held any given week.
Level2 trainees should bring one of their own NMR samples.
After the facility manager demonstrates manual operation, each trainee must demonstrate competence by acquiring a 1H 1D, a 13C 1D, 2D gCOSY, and a 2D gHSQC spectrum.
Successful trainees will be given accounts on all manually-operated spectrometers, the GCIS offline processing computer, and the GCIS data transfer computer. They will also be given swipecard access to GCIS and a physical key to the GCIS NMR lab.

Questions? Contact Josh Kurutz, NMR Facility Manager

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