Short Instructions for basic operation of the Bruker NMR                                     spectrometer (xwinnmr) .

* Take out the plastic cap of the top of the sample insertion port. (Do not use the
   nitrogen valve as the place to store the cap).
* Put your sample into the spinner turbine. Make sure that NMR tube is clean and
   dry. Do not touch the turbine’s shaft by fingers. Use the insert gauge to find out
   the proper sample depth. To achieve a good shimming, the length of a sample
   should be larger than the length of corresponding coil. We are using 5mm coils on
   all spectrometers.
* Push the “Lift ON/Off” button on BSMS keyboard, light will come on. After you
   hear whistling gas coming from the top of the magnet place sample on air cushion
   and push the “Lift ON/OF button. The sample will descend softly into the NMR
* After you seen the green “sample down” light lit, press Spin “ON/OFF" button.
   The light will flash till the sample is at the set speed, will stay lit.
* Log into your account on SGI workstation.
* Open the UNIX shell window. (if you need to change your password type
   “passwd” command and follow prompts.
* Type “xwinnmr” at the prompt.
* When the xwinnmr window opens, under file menu select “ New
   Make sure that under “user” in this menu is your login name and under “DU” is
   the disk partition: /m
* At the prompt at he bottom of the xwinnmr window, type “rpar”.
* For a proton experiment select “ stdh1.QNP or stdh1.BBI or stdh1.BBO, etc.,”
   (need to scroll down), and select “ Copy All” in the next window. For any other
   nucleus select appropriate one.
* At the prompt, type “rsh” and select the default shims. On nmr400 and nmr500
   equipped with quattro nucleus probe the default shims files has extension “QNP
   default.QNP. On other nmr500 and nmr400 they might have extension “BBI ” or
  “BBO”. The information which one you should use can be found in the message
   at the Unix window after you logged to your account.
* At the prompt type “lockdisp” and resize it according to your needs.
* At the prompt type “lock” and select your solvent from the list provided.
* Perform the magnet shimming.
* Select “Z” on the keypad, and rotate the dial to maximize the signal
* Select “Z 2 ”, repeat maximization. Normally, you do not need to shim higher orders.
* Repeat above steps until the signal is maximized.
*On 500MHz DMX press “ONAXIS” and select “Z1” instead “Z
* Select “lockgain”, adjust until the signal is within second line from the top.
* If the lock signal becomes saturated lower the lock power. Most often the good
working lock power can be found in the range of –25 to –35 DB.
* Select “Standby”